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There are those who remember it and those who (yet) do not know what it is: so “u Piattinu ri salumi” lives again in Palermo

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From a nostalgic memory and the desire to make it known to new generations, today the city regains possession of that historic saucer thanks to a new contemporary putìa

Open doors, background music.
Tasteful tables and chairs vintage that welcome you.

Souvenirs, objects of the obvious Sicilian appeal and hanging postcards that refer to a chaos that is such only in appearance.
A large counter that perfectly combines the typical style of an old cured meat factory with that of a modern cocktail bar.

It is here that, as in a magical journey into the past, we find ourselves catapulted into another dimension that the most nostalgic (and even older) will immediately associate with a specific historical period.

We are talking about that era, certainly experienced by the over 50s, in which a Palermo there were still no supermarkets or shopping centers.
When the shopping was done in the small family-run shops, the famous “putìe“, and when the butcher was almost one of the family who invited you to taste it.

There were no packaged and ready-to-use meats and cheeses.
Everything was sold in bulk and for this reason, the request that the gastronome received most often was that of the famous “saucer of a thousand lire“(but also of two, three and five thousand lire): a mixed plate of cold cuts and cheeses, chosen by the butcher and ready to be tasted on the spot or to be taken home and” cunzati “in a nice sandwich.

It is from this nostalgic memory and from the desire to make it known to the new generations, that today Palermo takes possession of that historic saucer thanks to a new putìa contemporary that we could define a real “salami-bar”.

They brought back to life that typical atmosphere of the shops of the past Daniel and Greta Bellavista who, together with their father Maurizio, have reproduced a contemporary bistro where one feels at home and at the same time breathes the professionalism and quality of local raw materials.

It’s small and that’s why it’s called Studio flat.
And he is the younger brother of Locale, a bistro and cocktail bar opened in 2017 by the Bellavista family who has now decided to expand its offer, in the name of Sicilianity and that welcoming atmosphere that characterizes his “creatures”.

“The idea of ​​converting what was previously a warehouse that stands right next to the local – explains Daniel – was born from the desire of father Maurizio to expand the proposal for the lunch time slot, maintaining that” home “feeling that distinguishes us”.

This is how this small shop-pantry was born in which you can taste the classic and simpler ones every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 20.00 Sandwiches Cunzatithe most sought after “Belli Cunzati“, and the “Conzatillu“, ideal for those who want to do it themselves and choose (on the advice of the shopkeeper) the conza and the sandwich they prefer.

And then there’s him: “u platter“, a tray of cold cuts wrapped in paper, accompanied by touches of cheese and strictly homemade bread.

Studio is not only a place where chaos (only apparent) is actually the result of a precise strategic and flawless choice, but it also represents the continuation of a family dreamthat of the father who managed to open a business with his children and in his city.

Like the local eldest son, even the small family retains that double meaning that makes the strong sense of belonging to Sicily coexist in a single place (just read the menu to realize it) and that charm of contamination from the world, the result of 10 years lived abroad by Daniel, between the clubs of Ibiza, Milan and San Francisco.

The studio thus strengthens the family bond between the two brothers and the father which, in turn, has repercussions on the relationship with the boys, the staff and finally, with the customers.
Thus, as in a large family that has in its “local” the point of reference and meeting place to feel good together.