their own serum as a regenerative therapy to treat osteoarthritis

Editorial staff July 26, 2021 13:40

Your own serum as a regenerative therapy to treat osteoarthritis. It is the therapy based on conditioned autologous blood (ACS) that the pain therapy unit of the Polyclinic, directed by Dr. Antonietta Alongi, has been consolidating for some time to manage some pathologies such as peripheral osteoarthritis or spondylarthrosis. Autologous conditioned blood (ACS) is a new product of blood origin – better known as Orthokine – which has numerous properties because it is equipped with growth factors that promote the well-being of the cartilage, reducing the rate of degeneration. It is a medical therapy born in Germany in 1997 which involves the extraction, manipulation and reintroduction of the blood of the same patient with infiltrations in the area affected by the pain. A therapeutic approach developed within the Emergency Department, directed by Antonello Giarratano, thanks to the synergy started with the transfusion center and the collaboration with Sergio Rizzo and Dr. Giuseppina Mazzola. “After sampling – explains Dr. Alongi – the whole venous blood is suitably incubated in special tubes containing crystal spheres in contact with which the leukocytes release a series of anti-inflammatory cytokines. The serum obtained after this incubation can be stored and frozen and then used for injections at the site to be treated. A technique that differs from treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) because – although in both cases it is regenerative medicine – orthokine has a specific role in promoting an anti-inflammatory process on a natural basis “. Studies and clinical practice have shown that this treatment is particularly effective in the case of diseases affecting the joints, menisci, tendons, muscles, the vertebral facet joints (in osteoarthritis of the spine) and periradicular infiltrations (inflammation of the nerve roots due to hernias). discali). The intensity of pain in diseases affecting the joints can be influenced by several factors: psychological, environmental and genetic, which affect severity or not. In general, however, these are very frequent diseases in the population and often have a significant impact on the quality of daily life. To access the pain therapy clinic and make a visit, you can book through the CUP with a referral from your doctor for “general visit for pain therapy code 897 AN”.

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