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“Thefts of vans in Tuscany”, a gang vanquished: two Palermitans blocked at the port of Livorno

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Vans and tow trucks: these were the vehicles targeted by a criminal organization specialized in the theft and receipt of commercial and industrial vehicles.
The investigators of the Compagnia di San Giovanni Valdarno went as far as Sicily, to Palermo and its province, to find the perpetrators of the thefts that hit the province of Arezzo and Tuscany in general with a pounding rhythm.

It all started in the second half of February when, in a few days, a barrage of shots occurred in the Aretino area: thefts of vans and a wrecker and the attempt to steal a second one.
In the same weeks there had been some attacks on ATMs, so the investigators had assumed that the vans had been stolen by a “criminal gang dedicated to the splitting technique”.

“The investigations started immediately – explain the soldiers of the operational and mobile unit of the Carabinieri company of San Giovanni Valdarno – which immediately denied the initial thesis: the thefts of vehicles had nothing to do with the shots in the bank, and had been perpetrated by a group that came from southern Italy “.

At that point, the investigators started off from classic investigations: from the meticulous inspection of the crime scenes, to the analysis of the images immortalized by the video surveillance circuits, up to the indications relating to the number plates of the cars used and also captured by the cameras present in the area.
And then listening to numerous witnesses.
“The turning point in the investigations was represented by the identification of the car used by the criminals to reach the places of the shots and to get away from them immediately afterwards – explain the Arma military -.
The investigations on who used the car led the investigators away from Arezzo, as far as the province of Palermo, where the band had its base.
The members moved sometimes by ferry and sometimes covering the entire route by car, going up the whole boot “.

Subsequent investigations developed using primarily technical systems, of observation and control of the suspects, up to the shadowing.
The circumstantial framework has thus expanded, connecting the gang to other shots of vehicles of the same type, all sharing the same modus operandi.
In recent days, after the identification of the main suspects, the circle has closed.

The carabinieri of the company of San Giovanni Valdarno, led by commander David Millul, having the certainty that the gang would return to Tuscany, monitored the various members remotely, and then intervened at the port of Livorno.
Here they managed to block two members of the gang (but on the occasion at least a third party managed to escape, taking advantage of the confusion of the Livorno boarding).
They are two 30 and 40-year-olds from Palermo, burdened by various police records.
The two were embarking to return to Palermo, not before having also loaded on board two Iveco Daily vans and two tow trucks, stolen in the previous days between Signa, Livorno and Pisa.
The vehicles were also equipped with plates, control units and registration papers that concealed their origin.

However, the investigations did not stop: it was necessary to identify the third accomplice.
The suspicion was that the gang had made use of at least one basista capable of moving with ease in Tuscany.
The suspicions had focused on a man originally from Arezzo, but who had long since moved to Sicily.
Where he, in fact, he was known to be involved in illegal activities together with the two individuals identified at the port of Livorno.
“The next step was to request and obtain a local and personal search decree.
Once the decree was obtained from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Arezzo, the investigators of the operational and mobile radio unit of Corso Italia flew to Palermo, where, with the support of their colleagues of the place, they carried out the searches, which involved the districts of Borgo Nuovo and Uditore, were successful, having been found a wide range of instruments useful for opening and starting the engines of the vehicles to be stolen “.

A further vehicle was also found stolen in the province of Arezzo: it was in a garage in the possession of the alleged Aretino basista.
At that point, given the evidence of the circumstantial framework, he was reported in a state of freedom for receiving the stolen van.
All the vehicles found have been returned to their legitimate owners.

source: Arezzo News