Thefts in apartments and cars in the Trapani area, two arrests

Last week, the Carabinieri of the Trapani company’s operational and mobile radio unit and the state police officers of the Trapani Police Headquarters executed a precautionary custody order in prison, issued by the investigating judge, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trapani, against two offenders from Trapani aged 35 and 40, allegedly responsible for numerous episodes of thefts on cars and private homes.

The provision stems from detailed investigations carried out by the military of the Trapani company and the Mobile Squad of the Trapani Police Headquarters, in the face of the growing number of thefts committed in the capital and in the municipalities of Paceco, Valderice and Misiliscemi, from May to October 2022.

The investigative activities made it possible to collect, through the meticulous analysis of the images taken from the video surveillance systems as well as through the questioning of witnesses and victims, serious indications of guilt against the suspects, results of the alleged perpetrators of 5 burglaries, 2 burglaries with snatch and 2 car thefts, during which they allegedly took possession of cash and gold jewels, causing evident damage to the targeted cars and houses.

On the occasion of four episodes, the agents of the scientific police had managed to isolate the fingerprints of one of the two alleged perpetrators of the thefts, detected during the inspections carried out in the houses. Once the usual formalities were completed, the arrested were associated with the Pietro Cerulli prison in Trapani.

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