Theft in the Perez school branch, air conditioning pipes stolen

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Theft in the Perez school branch in via Maqueda in Palermo.
The thieves sneaked into the building and took away the copper pipes from the air conditioning system.

The school’s educational management filed a complaint with the police.
Thieves in action also at the Cervello hospital.
The batteries of the generating sets in building B of the hospital were taken away.

The hospital company immediately replaced them.

Thefts in schools alarm of the unions

The schools of the Palermo province, and beyond, are constantly under attack by vandals and petty criminals.
Schools are the victims of a chain of episodes that undermine their safety but also their actions.
The consequent damages, and the increasingly limited resources, could in fact also compromise the quality of the activities provided to the student population.
And the unions are calling for video surveillance and alarm systems to stem the continuing raids.

The raid at the “Cassarà” high school leaves its mark

The “angry” reaction comes in the aftermath of the vandalism committed against the “Cassarà” high school in via Don Orione where in the night between 27 and 28 February some criminals broke a grate on the first floor of the building and ripped the snack machines to grab the cash.
Yesterday the concern expressed by some municipal councilors and by the CGIL, today the CISL returns to office: “These are acts that we strongly condemn, the school is not touched – affirm the CISL secretaries general Palermo-Trapani Leonardo La Piana and Cisl School Palermo-Trapani Vito Cassata -.
We renew our solidarity and that we are there and we will be there to condemn these acts that we consider deplorable in the same way as any mafia attack against society and institutions ”.

Video surveillance is needed

According to the union, it is necessary to implement a series of initiatives, from video surveillance to alarm systems, to combat criminal phenomena against schools: “We urgently need a video surveillance system, – add La Piana and Cassata – that can make a fundamental contribution investigations and also serve as a deterrent for those who continue to act by destroying a heritage, which belongs to everyone.
We are sure that in any case those in charge will never stop the important commitment on the territory of the principal Daniela Crimi and of the entire school population “.

The solidarity of Cantiere Popolare

Even today, certificates of solidarity and closeness to the school continue to rain: “The Institute – comments Massimo Dell’Utri, regional coordinator of ‘Noi con l’Italia-Cantiere Popolare’ – distinguished itself for the level of its educational offer and for activities of social inclusion and opening up to citizenship, with far-reaching projects and initiatives.
The damages suffered, which concern some infrastructures and fixtures, will certainly not stop the activities and the hope is that the video surveillance system can contribute to the identification of those responsible and that they can increase controls by the police.
Our sincere closeness to the teaching staff of the Ninni Cassarà linguistic high school, to the students and those who work there every day ”.

The alarm systems work

This is the case, for example, of the “Danilo Dolci” high school in Partinico which has returned to being targeted by thieves.
In the night between Saturday and Sunday there was yet another attempt at a raid which fortunately failed thanks once again to the good functioning of the alarm system that the school recently wanted to specifically upgrade.
This time the criminals entered from a balcony in viale della Regione by breaking into a classroom.
Here the alarm was triggered thanks to the sensor that detected foreign presences.

Wolf “Particularly vile and ignoble act of vandalism”

“Hitting the school means hitting our young people, which is why the vandalism at the Cassarà high school is particularly vile and ignoble.
We express our solidarity with the head teacher Daniela Crimi, with the teaching and non-teaching staff, and with the students who represent the future of our company “.
Giuseppe Lupo, leader of the Pd all’Ars, said about the news of the raid on the premises of the Ninni Cassarà linguistic institute in Palermo.

Lagalla “Yet another act of vandalism offends our territory”

“The news of yet another act of vandalism against a Palermo school offends our territory and makes us reflect on what still needs to be done on the” security “front by local institutions.
On behalf of the Musumeci government, I express sincere closeness and solidarity to the principal and to the school community of the Ninni Cassarà linguistic high school ”.
This was declared by the regional councilor for education and professional training, Roberto Lagalla.

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