Theft in a road construction site on Palermo Agrigento, two men arrested

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The carabinieri of the Misilmeri company arrested two men, residing in Bagheria, accused of attempted aggravated theft in a road construction site on Palermo Agrigento.

The military surprised the two men, a 41 year old and a 28 year old, while they were tinkering with a pincer on a vehicle parked in the construction site at km 236.
As soon as they saw the soldiers, the two fled.

After a chase drinks they were blocked.
In the car of the two thieves were found the burglary tools, a plastic tank with residues of diesel and a sink, cutlery, pans, basins, umbrellas and a bathroom cabinet with mirror.
Part of the objects have been returned to the owners.
Other material was seized.
The total value of the stolen goods was around 2,500 euros.

The two are also under investigation for receiving stolen goods.
The investigating judge of Termini Imerese has validated the arrest.

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