Theatre: Rabito’s story on the ‘Crante querra’

(ANSA) – CATANIA, NOVEMBER 29 – The autobiographical story of Vincenzo Rabito, who defined himself as an “unalphabet” writer and invented an original and “irregular” language, becomes a theatrical work after being a literary case. His son Giovanni edited his father’s second book, “Novel of past life”, and has now made a text out of it which from November 30 to December 4 will be performed in Catania by the Sicilian Theater Center (Cts) in the Fabbricateatro hall in via Caronda . The second book by Vincenzo Rabito, recently published by Einaudi, was born from the discovery of a typescript of 1486 pages. This second autobiography retraces the stages of the first told in “Terra matta” (from which a film was made) and enriches it with episodes and details about a life intertwined with the crucial stages of 20th-century Italian history.

The part that has become a scenic text is that of the chapter that Vincenzo Rabito had dedicated to the “Crante querra” in which he had participated. There are five chapters that will be staged (one for each evening) by the actors Graziana Maniscalco, Pietro Montandon, Matilde Piana, Emauela Muni with the coordination of Nino Romeo. .