Theatre: Amanda Sandrelli and Ornella Muti at Rassegna Marsala

(ANSA) – MARSALA, 02 JAN – Amanda Sandrelli and Ornella Muti are the most popular names of the 15th edition of the theatrical-musical review “Lo Stagnone – scenes of a show”, inaugurated last December 18, at the Empire Theater in Marsala, by the organizing company (“Sipario”) with the show “Ai Quattro Venti di Betlehem”. Amanda Sandrelli will be on stage next Sunday 8 January with “Lysistrata”. With her, on the stage of the Empire, also Giuliana Colzi, Andrea Costagli, Dimitri Frosali, Massimo Salvianti, Lucia Socci, Gabriele Giaffreda, Elisa Proietti, Lucianna De Falco. The direction is by Ugo Chiti. “A comedy that is about two thousand years old – says Amanda Sandrelli -, but wears them very well. It is very light, poetic, but at the same time profound and speaks of war, speaks of women. There are nine actors with me: the company of Blue Ark”. Lysistrata, by Aristophanes, debuted in 411 BC in the theater of Dionysus, at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens.

Ornella Muti, on the other hand, will be on stage on Sunday 29 January, with “My wife Penelope”. At her side Pino Quartullo. The show is loosely based on the novel “Itaca per semper” by Luigi Malerba, with an adaptation by Margherita Gina Romaniello. Ulysses returns to Ithaca after twenty years of war in Troy and sea adventures. He finds his palace invaded by Suitors and decides not to be recognized to carry out his revenge.

Only Telemachus his son and his nurse will know about it. “And his beloved wife Penelope? – reads the note from the press office of the review – She knows, but pretends not to know, he doesn’t know and behaves convinced that only he can know. Penelope is not so mild and naive after all to forgive him for having lied to her, for hiding from her that he is her husband. While Ulysses slaughters the suitors, Penelope cooks Ulysses to perfection, she will take her revenge on him very well. Until the surprising epilogue. An amusing text, a two-player game between a man and a woman who subvert the stereotypes of the myth”. .