Theater, the Catania building restarts with the ‘Evasioni’ billboard

“We will reopen with the awareness of our responsibility: towards the public and towards the workers”.

Catania – The Teatro Stabile of Catania it starts again, on May 18, with the ‘Evasioni’ billboard which includes five shows: one in the Sala Verga and four in the Mariella Lo Giudice Court of Palazzo della Cultura in compliance with anti-Covid regulations.

“The government has decided to reopen cinemas and theaters on April 26 in the yellow areas of the country – underlined the director Laura Sicignano -. We will reopen with the awareness of the responsibility that lies with us: towards the public, with whom we have tried to keep a constant dialogue open, through digital, and towards the workers, whom we have involved in the long months of closure, creating the shows that we will propose. starting from the summer and therefore guaranteeing employment, as evidenced by the fact that in 2020 we achieved almost 12 thousand working days “. It will start again in Sala Verga with Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi with ‘A Cirimonia’ by Rosario Palazzolo, co-produced with the Biondo Theater of Palermo and winner of the National Association of Italian Critics Award.

Four productions by the Teatro Stabile di Cataniawill be staged until the end of July at the Palazzo della Cultura: ‘The last of the Alagona’ by Nino Martoglio, directed by Elio Gimbo and the puppets of the Marionettistica Fratelli Napoli; ‘The new colony’ by Luigi Pirandello, adapted and directed by Simone Luglio; an unpublished ‘Pinocchio’ by Franco Scaldati, adapted and directed by Livia Gionfrida; and ‘La Pacchiona’, a Sicilian version of Neil LaBute’s funny comedy ‘Fat Pig’, translated and directed by Marcello Cotugno. “If we have called this new billboard ‘Evasioni’ – explained the director Sicignano – it is to declare that the Theater allows us to finally find ourselves in a physical and symbolic space different from the one in which we have been forced in recent months, freeing our eyes ideas. The theater does not exist without an audience and, we believe, a society without theater is not civil. Returning to meet us live is the mission of our work and we hope you have missed us as much as you have missed us ”. (HANDLE).



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