The workers of Badia Grande have not taken their salary since January

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Two hundred workers without pay.
The last one they perceived it last January.
Families on their knees.
The ordeal that the employees of the Badia Grande cooperative are also experiencing, which takes care of welcoming migrants arriving in the Trapani area.

On their side the trade unions have lined up and have asked for the intervention of the prefect so that the workers can receive back wages.
But finding the solution isn’t easy at all.

Six months without money.
Despite this, the employees continue to manage the cooperative’s centers, not to lack the assistance that non-EU citizens fleeing their country need and looking for better prospects.

On June 22, the trade unions, following the dispute, sent a note to the prefect Filippo Cocuzza, asking for a discussion table to alleviate the daily tribulations of the workers.
The managers of the cooperative spread their arms.
They argue that “defaults on the part of public administrations generate, in a chain, delays in the payment of salaries.
However, it is not the first time that such situations have occurred.
It had happened before.
The last case dates back to 2020.
Now history repeats itself.

Sicilian news 2022-06-29 09:13:00

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