The work of a Russian artist relocated to Piazza Duomo, the Codacons: “Legality restored”

Editorial team 04 September 2021 12:55

“We had reported it and fortunately the legality in Piazza Don Minzoni was restored. The Municipality had committed an abuse”: this is the comment of Giuseppe Di Rosa, provincial vice president of Codacons, after the intervention of relocation of the work by the Russian artist Gregory Pototsky called “Oduvancik” which was donated to the city of temples by the Moscow State University. Di Rosa – through a note – reconstructs the whole story: “In 2016 it was installed by the pro-temporee administration. Then, on the recommendation of some resident citizens, it emerged that the work of art in question had been moved to a another city site, in the absence of prior publication, in the municipal praetorian register, relating to the authorizations for the intervention. We are not against anyone who does things well, we are against illegality, especially on the part of those who should set a good example. We hope – concludes Di Rosa – that these events make it clear that we are protecting the common good: we will always denounce all actions carried out without respecting the provisions of the law “.

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