"The word to Syria, creative voices of women in exile": the exhibition in Palermo


Event location: places within the program within the program

Event date: From 02/12/2019 to 12/9/2019

Event cost: Free

Seven appointments starting Monday 2 December and up to 9 in various locations in the city, following a precise thread: that of testimony and confrontation. A review of meetings entitled "The word to Syria. Creative voices of women in exile ", conceived and organized by UDIPalermo onlus and an integral part of the" Parola "section of BAM (Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo), the International Festival of theater, music and visual arts dedicated to the cultures and peoples that overlook the Mare Nostrum is focused on the themes of hospitality and dialogue.

Speaking of Syria and the dynamics that cross the Middle Eastern countries will be various protagonists, starting from five women of culture united by a condition of exile: the Kurdish-Syrian writer and journalist Maha Hassan forced by the themes she was dealing with to leave Syria and moving to France, the Syrian poet Maram Al-Masri, the Syrian designer Sana Yazigi creator of the online archive The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution, the original architect and writer from Damascus Suad Amiry, and Hoda Barakat, writer, Lebanese journalist and translator, this year winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, the most important award for Arabic literature.

The initial idea has increasingly become a shared project and has seen the contribution to the organization of Mirella Cassarino, professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Catania.

To speak, during the week there will be five of the most interesting female personalities of the Middle Eastern area to which the story of the war correspondent of the newspaper La Stampa, Domenico Quirico and of Francesca Dall'Oglio, sister of Paolo Dall will join. 'Oglio, the Roman Jesuit who died six years ago in Syria, founder of the mixed ecumenical community al-Khalil ("The Friend of God", in Arabic). And the contributions of: Costanza Quatriglio, director and artistic director of the Experimental Center of Cinematography of Palermo; Francesca Traìna, scholar of literature and poetry and winner of various awards; Letizia Battaglia, internationally renowned photographer; Stefania Bertonati, professor of Arabic Language at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Pavia, freelance translator and journalist; Giancarlo Gaeta, former professor of History of Ancient Christianity at the University of Florence and curator of numerous editions of Simone Weil's works for Adelphi; and Samuela Pagani, professor of Arabic language and literature at the University of Salento and Italian translator of Hoda Barakat's works.

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