The wedding workers demand in Palermo, “Departure date and refreshments immediately” (PHOTO and VIDEO) | BlogSicily

  • Protest in Piazza Indipendenza, in Palermo, of the wedding operators
  • Requests: resumption of celebrations and refreshments
  • Appeal to Musumeci, “Be the spokesperson for our needs”

Protest in Palermo the wedding sector operators. They did so in Piazza Indipendenza, under the Presidency of the Region. After more than a year of stop due to the health emergency, they are now asking to be able to leave safely.

Requests to Musumeci

The requests are unanimous: a certain date for the departure of the sector and economic aid which up to now has been insufficient. A delegation of workers this morning met in Palazzo d’Orleans to appeal to the President of the Region so that he can speak out for their needs. They ask for a date from which to start planning weddings and private events in general, stopped due to the pandemic. Turnover reduced to the bone and companies on the verge of bankruptcy are those in the wedding sector.

Reopen safely

“We try to enhance the made in Italy – Claudio Leocata, Ristoword Italy secretary tells BlogSicilia -, a fact forbidden by politicians. We know how to do our job better than any other, we have always done it alone trying to improve more and more. We ask to safely reopen to restore confidence to couples who want to celebrate their wedding. We can celebrate events in safety, we ask for trust because we are serious professionals. We want certain dates for the restart of the wedding sector. We are calling for the abolition of the curfew law to spread throughout the national territory. We simply want to work ”.

Full streets and closed rooms

Nunzio Reina, production area manager of Conferserenti Palermo and Sicily, speaks of a “dramatic situation” between closed shops and premises and people walking around Palermo. “The data today say that there are 208 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants – he says -. Let us work because we have no state aid. We can’t take it anymore. We will file licenses and work abusive. Behind the companies there are employees and families, companies are being abused and the situation is illogical “.

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