the Vitali school can reopen

Vitali elementary school will reopen tomorrow. Students who have been teaching since last Monday in the salons of the Salerno plexus, headquarters of the Cruillas Comprehensive Institute, will finally be able to return to their classrooms. The crumbling tree that caused the start of the school year to be postponed has been almost completely removed. Only the base of the trunk remains to be removed.

“The workers of the Villas and Gardens sector of the Municipality – says councilor Massimo Giaconia – are working to complete, presumably tomorrow, the intervention but the school will reopen because the state of danger is no longer there. Today I will send a note to the ‘councilor Sergio Marino – concludes Giaconia – to ask for the planting of new trees “. “I am happy – says the head teacher Maria Rosa Caldarelli – that the story has ended positively and in a short time and that the students can return to their classrooms in complete safety”.

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