the VIDEO message from Orlando

Mayor Leoluca Orlando has signed an ordinance which provides for the closure to pedestrian and vehicular transit of some city streets and squares as a rule to combat the contagion from Covid-19, should situations of violation of the prevention rules occur.

It is in particular about

– via Spinuzza: from Vicolo delle Mura (access) to via Valenti (flow)

– piazza Sant’Anna

– via Lattarini at the corner with Piazza Sant’Anna (access) Piazza Sant’Anna at the corner with via Cagliari (outflow)

– piazza Sant’Anna at the corner of via Sant’Anna (outflow).

The provision will be valid tomorrow Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February and will close at 4 pm to 10 pm.

The same provision provides for a similar closure on the same days but from 10 to 22 in Viale Regina Elena from the corner with Via Anadiomene, in Piazza di Mondello. In all the areas concerned, the possibility of access and outflow to legitimately open commercial establishments will in any case be guaranteed and access to private homes and for proven work needs, as well as for situations of necessity or health reasons governed by specific legislation, is obviously always allowed. anticovid-19.

‚ÄúThis is a first measure – underlines Orlando – agreed within the Committee for order and security and which arises from the Committee to respond to situations and behaviors that continue to contribute to the spread of the infection. This first weekend will serve as a test of the reaction especially on the part of young people, because always within the Committee it is possible to evaluate any further measures in the face of the fact that the contagion situation in the city continues to be worrying “


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