The University of Palermo first among those of the South

This is evidenced by the very recent evaluations by Censis, which also place Unipa in seventh place at the national level. Rector Micari: “An ever richer and more extensive training offer”

PALERMO – THEThe Athenaeum of Palermo does not retreat and grows larger. Despite the pandemic, 15 new degree courses have been added to the 145 present, confirming the progress made by the University compared to 2015, when the courses reached 130.

To testify are the very recent evaluations of the Censis, which put Unipa in seventh place among the Italian mega universities, first among the Universities of the South, above the University of Milan and a tenth of a point from the University of Turin. This is not surprising when you take into account that, today, UniPa offers the largest no tax area among Italian universities with an ISEE income threshold of 25 thousand euros. It is confirmed that the University of Palermo has kept the traditional number of students, more than 40 thousand, despite the 2008 crisis which decreased registrations until 2015.

Their growth over the past six years, particularly overwhelming in the past two-three, now leads to a number of members around 43,500 units. These results have been obtained from the organization of the University administration, which has become very solid over the last six years and which has made it possible to increase the quality of the educational offer at the same time as the increase in free access study courses.

To these, moreover, must be added the effective policies, aimed at affirming the right to education. The administrative solidity has made it possible to develop development strategies, carry out projects, intercept funds and participate in European programs, in which the University fully participates as demonstrated by the 40 projects carried out in the European program “Horizon 2020”.

The Rector of the University of Palermo, Fabrizio Micari said: “For the Academic Year 2021/2022 our University presents an ever wider, updated and competitive educational offer. We have decided to focus heavily on the offices of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Trapani with a total of 16 degree courses, four of which are new, highly attractive and with particular attention to the professional outlets of the reference territories “.

Another very important innovation is represented by the three new courses in “International Relations, Politics & Trade”, “Management Engineering” and “Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering”, entirely in English and accessible remotely, to facilitate the attendance of foreign students, and the new “Interuniversity” course, with the Pontifical Theological Faculty.

The training offer for the next academic year it will be completed with the new course in Medicine and Surgery with a technological focus, a three-year degree course in Global Studies and another four new master’s degree courses “.

About the services offered, the rector added: “Going into the details of the evaluations, we can only record with great satisfaction the first place on ‘Communication and Digital Services’, demonstration of the efficiency and functionality of the web portal, of the official social profiles and of the response efficiency returned by these channels . Structures, however, mean classroom seats, places in libraries and laboratories, but also a positive judgment given by graduates on these services “.

“Of course – concludes the rector Micari – there is still room for improvement, especially as regards the items ‘services’ and ‘grants’, linked to the availability of accommodation, meals provided and scholarships for interventions in favor of students”. At the end of the meeting, the rector showed the recovery of the fourteenth-century garden of the Chiaromonte, called ‘Viridarium’, but still suffocated by the Customs warehouses in 1800.