The Turkish Steps (Scala dei Turchi) in Agrigento, Sicily!

In today’s episode, we visit the Turkish Steps and share what they are with the help of gorgeous drone footage from a blue sunny …


  1. So these are my roots. My mum's is from Realmonte. I imagine my grandpa must have walked those beaches many times with the grandma that I never met. An idyllic place where the blue sea and the incredible blue sky seamlessly meet in front of those white seps. That picture and the hot sun is now captured, in my memories, and I am not letting it go.
    One of her cousins lives right above La Scala in one of those houses.
    <3 . Sadly I live in England. ..sob sob
    Thank you from bringing this video to me. Sicilia, nel mio cuore per sempre.

  2. Im new to your channel and liking the videos as Im going to Sicily this june. Are you just beginning this journey? I cant find the other regions videos on your channel. Thanks 🙂

  3. Wish I had seen more about ehat to do or enjoy that area. Other than the amazing aerial view, what are your recommendations to enjoy it?

  4. Guys after a long time I want to dedicate a simple riff guitar about AC/DC ….you known better than me what does it means….I want to say thanks to the R 'n R from Australia. AC/DC for ever my friends !

  5. Love your episodes! But are you ever going to make to out of Sicily? Would love to see the rest of the country…

  6. Complimenti bravissimi , siete venuti nella mia bellissima zona di Agrigento (scala dei Turchi)💪😃🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉♥️♥️ ciao🎊🎉♥️💪😃

  7. Wow Sicily is amazing one of the most beautiful places in the world what more can you ask for great food beautiful people and amazing places 👍❤️

  8. Is that pistachio butter?
    Green with envy, lol……..
    You two have it made!
    One of thee best channels on YT…..Thank You.

  9. Very professional video and music…. You guys would be great filming travel shows for the travel channel

  10. Woah 😮🤩 that is so beautiful and those drone shot are amazing!

  11. Cannot wait to see your take on Enna, I really loved the place, "Enna, cittá aperta", they offer a free guided tour through your own phone, the castle is free to enter and also we had one of the best expressos ever in Italy in a café in front of the Duomo's piazza.

  12. Such a gorgeous video ! Actually, another great video experience shared by you guys! I loved it.

  13. Spectacular. Places many will never get to see. It's me, Natalie. That's my dog here in the photo! Have a great week. Looking forward to pistachio heaven!