Lto Dr. Simona Mannina, municipal councilor in the municipality of Erice, exponent of the opposition to the Mayor Daniela Toscano wrote us a letter in response to our article on the issue of the blue stripes that we are happy to host

“Dear Director, I read your article on the management of paid parking, where workers, employees of SOES, ask for reassurance about their future, and I could not help but intervene to tell them the truth, that truth too often overlooked or falsified.

Well, these workers must know that the Toscano mayor first rejected the industrial plan on the management of paid parking presented by the FuniErice in the shareholders’ meeting on false legal assumptions, and then involved the majority municipal councilors in this wicked decision.

But I go step by step.

The FuniErice, in the person of the general manager, dr. Fauci, presented in January / February 2021 the industrial plan for the management of car parks to the shareholders’ meeting of the same subsidiary.

Once the mayor of Erice has received the industrial plan, she decides, by force, not to enter into the merits either, on the basis of a legal quibble, which later turned out to be unfounded; the same, in fact, stated that the proposal was in stark contrast with the rules of the TUSP but this circumstance during the council’s work proved to be totally UNFOUNDED, going so far as to affirm that it is a purely POLITICAL decision.

After having rejected, ILLEGALLY (because it is the exclusive competence of the municipal council), at least in the opinion of the writer, the industrial plan presented by FuniErice, the seven municipal councilors of the opposition with a document of which I was previously a signatory, brought the industrial plan relating to the management of the new service, thus formulated, in the municipal council, this being the competent body for the approval or not of the act.

The industrial plan for the management of paid parking appeared and appears to be entirely in accordance with the interests of the territory, of the workers and of all citizens.

The plan, in fact, provided for the establishment of a new company wholly owned by FuniErice, so as to preserve the balance sheet of the same, and provided, briefly, as follows:

1. Purchase of 60 state-of-the-art parking meters, with free and commission-free app (unlike what happens in Trapani with ATM), which allowed the use of ATMs and the payment of fines for missing tickets;

2. The workplace for 29 work units (more staff than the current one), most of which full-time;

3. The tourist train service in Erice, the capital city;

4. The creation of new car parks in Erice, with the active fight against illegal parking lots near the cable car, downstream.

Everything was financed by FuniErice, without any outlay by the Municipality of Erice.

Well, all this on March 29, 2021, was OPENED by the council majority, without any legitimate reason other than the preference for ATM, which is not understood in any way, except for a political and power choice of the neighboring municipality … political, yes, the same one that should protect the interests of its citizens and the territory it administers … and instead NO, better the power games …

This is what happened to Erice more than a month ago, and the surprising thing is that nobody talks about it !!!

Probably, today instead of witnessing new sit-ins and requests for meetings of SOES employees, we could already have talked about the in-house management of the service, with all the necessary reassurance for those who live on that job; instead, we find ourselves as two years ago, with nothing in hand, and with only the (electoral?) promises of a political class that has revealed, over time, all its limits. “

Erice on 7/05/2021

Dr. Simona Mannina

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