The trip to Brazil, over a month to return to Palermo for Covid: the odyssey of a fifty-year-old

An odyssey to return to Palermo: a 20-hour journey after an endless adventure in Brazil. The protagonist is a 50-year-old female lawyer, PM, who prefers to remain anonymous. Her story is told by Patrizia Abbate in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands.

The lawyer arrived in Brazil at the end of December for a one-month stay, but soon became a nightmare because she is one of the 1500 Italians – or residents of Italy – blocked by the orders of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. The measures, starting from January 16, have interrupted air connections with the South American country, due to the Covid emergency. First a stop of 15 days, then another 15 days of suspended flights with a second order.

For the Italians who like her remained there, the Facebook page Italians blocked in Brazil was created and appeals and petitions were also launched. Only the third order of Minister Speranza allowed residents in Italy to be able to return.

The professional returned to Italy on Saturday with Air France, but after three stopovers and with a very expensive ticket, “which fortunately I could afford, while many other compatriots cannot and are still abandoned there”.

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