The treasure resists clashes: how Ars divides funds evenly

As expected, the flood of contributions has survived political clashes. Directly around 18 million goes to municipalities and associations closely aligned with politics. After days of negotiation, an additional 4 million has been allocated through voted amendments by the Sicilian Regional Assembly for similar contributions. The initial 550 million budget has been inflated to a final 650 million through 400 amendments. Various articles within the amendments allocate funds to municipalities, associations, and social interventions. An additional 5.6 million originally intended for Christmas, nativity scenes, festivals, and carnivals were also included in the final legislation. Funding will be assigned by the Ministry of Tourism to municipalities and associations, but exactly which ones remains to be seen. The legislation has received bipartisan support, with opposition parties voting against it. There are concerns, however, about the tight timeline for spending the funds, and the potential for the money to remain unspent. Other budgetary measures were also included, with a total of 33 million allocated to the Pension Fund, 70 million for the repurchase of government buildings previously sold, and various other allocations for aid to businesses, agricultural losses, and mortgage assistance for low-income families.

Il tesoretto resiste agli scontri: ecco come l’Ars divide i fondi a pioggia

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