The tram in via Libertà was rejected, the three-year plan for public works approved


  • Stop at Tram line A in Palermo
  • The City Council rejects the passage of the rails from via Libertà and via Roma
  • In the three-year plan of public works there are, however, the other lines
  • Go ahead after months of battle for the document

After seven months of political battle, the three-year plan of public works

was approved – 22. An act from which the line A of the tram disappears, canceled by an amendment shared by the political opposition in the courtroom. Twenty-six votes in favor, no against and two abstentions.

An afternoon session that began with a long break, to seek a classroom agreement. Understanding partially found, with the discussion being reduced to the discussion of five acts. The other amendments have all been converted into agendas. Among these, also one signed by Zacco-Meli, which commits the municipal administration to the construction of a rainwater drainage system in the Partanna-Mondello area.

Cassato the tram in via Freedom

The first act to be voted on is the revocation of the rejection of the three-year plan, voted on last April 15. Subsequently, the discussion moved to the highlight of the political agenda, namely the tram . The much maligned means of alternative mobility comes out decidedly weakened. The amendment 11, signed by Argiroffi, provided for the termination of line A, the one that provided for the insertion of the structure on via Libertà and via Roma. An action that consequently reduced the spending commitment, lowered from 252 to 198 million euros.

Hard intervention by the municipal councilor of the Democratic Party Milena Gentile . The exponent Dem speaks openly of “double tax damage”. This refers to the anticipations for the design of the planned lines. The representative of the PD then pointed the finger at the opposition, declaring that “the tax liability is personal. Even those who vote it should know “. Accusations to which replied Ugo Forello , municipal councilor of “Oso”. “At the most, the tax damage is produced with the definitive act, not with the amendment. An act that re-attributes a predominant role to politics. I do not share a word of the contrary opinion on the tram. Removing line A does not mean frustrating the design. And if the Administration cares about this work, it will be able to present it again in the next three-year plan “.

An act that, despite the polemics of the political majority of Sala delle Lapidi, found the approval of 21 councilors. Nine were against, while the municipal councilors of the 5 Star Movement abstained. This means that the Palermitans, at least for the moment, will not see the tram rise in via Libertà.

Orlando and the Giunta: “Nobody deceives himself. We will make the line with the next administration “

At the news of the outcome of the vote, came the harsh criticism of the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando , to whom they joined all the councilors of the Executive . “To the triumphal agitation that accompanied this choice by those who have deprived the city of an indispensable work by their behavior, we remember the damage they have caused to the development of Palermo, to economic activities and to job opportunities. An act of political irresponsibility that produces incalculable damage for the city and that the municipal administration will try to limit by asserting the evident illegitimacy of this administrative choice in every competent office “.

“We are in the presence of a clearly illegitimate choice also due to excess of power and contradictions – they underline -. It is paradoxical that this choice is in contrast with the interests of the city, with the use of public resources and with the projects and choices deliberated and approved by all the national governments that have followed one another in recent years, which have always deliberated and financed this specific work. No one is under the illusion: this work will be carried out and the next administration will have the privilege of inaugurating it “.

Sicilia Futura:” Three-year plan approved out of a sense of responsibility “

The councilors of Sicilia Futura speak of a sense of responsibility. “After so many lies on the part of the active administration about responsibilities that the city council does not have, the Sicilia Futura group with a great sense of responsibility, participated in the approval of the Three-Year Plan of Public Works 2020 / 2022. An act that does not unlock any intervention. But that does not make you lose the funding of Urban Agenda where there are important works for the city. At the same time, we declared the vote in favor of the amendment which effectively removes and does not eliminate the project for the construction of line A of the tram, from the plan 2020. A resolution that in fact serves no purpose, if not to avoid the loss of extra municipal funds already allocated “.

Furthermore, the councilors Inzerillo, Meli and Zacco “are seriously worried about the costs that the investee companies would have to bear, which would have to move the underground services at their own expense with the risk of failure. This decision was made following a careful assessment and in consideration of the current critical state of city mobility, already battered by the countless infinite construction sites “.

” Approved OdG on Partanna- Mondello “

During today’s session of the City Council, the agenda signed by Zacco-Meli was unanimously approved by the entire assembly, committing the municipal administration to carry out effective interventions to resolve the serious and repeated flooding that hit the area North of Palermo. “This creating – write the signatories – an outlet for the mitigation of rainwater and the consolidation of the sewage infrastructure currently undersized compared to the real needs of the territory”.

“We will follow the process, continuing the path started to secure the inhabitants of the villages affected by flooding, continuing to keep the spotlight on the problem and continuing to ask for the support of regional and national institutions, so that we can definitively put an end to it. to a plague that has now taken on the characteristics of the grotesque and that causes enormous inconvenience and anguish among the citizens “.

Lega:” Saved the city center, saved the funds “

Positive feelings from the group of the Lega , represented by the group leader Igor Gelarda and by the municipal councilor Marianna Caronia. “We are very satisfied with the rejection of line A of the tram that would have devastated via Libertà and via Roma. A battle that we have waged since the beginning of the council, not because it is against the idea of ​​the tram in general, but because this project would have devastated our city. ” To declare it Marianna Caronia and Igor Gelarda.

“As it is structured – they continue – this tram is not useful to the city, on the contrary it risks damaging it heavily. Now it is finally clear that no funding will be lost, on the contrary resources will be freed up for the use of which we will write down ideas and proposals useful to the city. To do this, we will involve experts and citizens, as Leoluca Orlando and Giusto Catania did not want to do, stubbornly committed to imposing their own idea. Once we have overcome the obstacle of the tram, we will vote for the approval of the three-year plan of public works, to give the possibility to carry out those works, actually very few, that this incapable administration will be able to carry out “.

Sabrina Figuccia is also on the same line as her colleagues in the party. “With this vote in the courtroom, the Orlando administration’s bankruptcy is certified. Since in fact in 1994 the then Mayor Orlando started the mega tram project, we have witnessed a real destruction of the city of Palermo. The excerpt of line A and all the ancillary works represents the victory of the beauty of Palermo and its historical memory. Our city cannot see one of the two most important arteries devastated, such as via Libertà, by a megalomaniac whose time is up. The Mayor and his council take note of it definitively “.

Più Europa:” Line A finally removed “

I also smiled in the ranks of Più Europa. Among these, that of the municipal councilor Fabrizio Ferrandelli, co-signer of the amendment on line A. “Finally section A of the tram (via Roma – via Libertà) has been removed from the three-year plan of public works. A gash in the city that would have marred the center and weighed down a beautiful but already battered surface. It was and must invest in the subsoil for mobility. Not on the surface. Lighten the traffic and do not burden the roads “.

“This is an important result – insists Ferrandelli -. A point of my program in stark contrast to the current administration that has failed, in these 5 years, to bring it home. The ball, now, returns to the center and the word to the Palermitans who, with the spring vote, will be able to decide which model of better mobility to support. We are for the sustainable one. For the one that doesn’t disfigure. And we will build a Palermo based on this vision “.