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A dramatic reconstruction supported, in part, also by the images of active surveillance cameras.

The phases of the accident

The dramatic accident that took place in the central lane of the Palermo ring road and cost the lives of two girls while 14 are injured, two of which are serious, it would have been triggered by something that happened during the march of the Pande then ended up upside down in the center of the traffic island.

The dramatic phases of the clash

The phases of the clash are dramatic and have left even the investigators stunned. In the images examined by the police you can see the Fiat Panda Bianca with the two young dead Chiara Ziami and Alessia Bommarito on board and a 17-year-old boy (the latter injured and currently in hospital) traveling along the ring road towards Trapani. Suddenly the car makes a sharp swerve to try to avoid the collision with a car in front that is moving more slowly.

It is difficult to understand what led to that steering, if it was only the speed and the slow vehicle in front or if there were other causes to make the maneuver more complex or to deviate the path of the car. The fact is that the car crosses the entire carriageway, hits the central reservation and overturns when jumped into the opposite lane.

The lane jump

The car jumps onto the central reservation, overturns and overcomes the curb hitting the van arriving in the opposite direction. A violent impact for the occupants of the van. The driver could not do anything. He found himself against the car suddenly. The Van ended up sideways as the Panda rolled over onto the median. In the meantime, a young man arrived aboard a large scooter who found himself in front of the Van without being able to avoid it.

After the impact, the roadway looks like a battlefield, there is debris everywhere. Despite the intervention of many rescuers in the end the toll is 2 young people dead and 14 injured. Of these two are in serious condition. Accident investigations to ascertain responsibility are conducted by municipal police officers.

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