The threat of the Catania trade unions ‘Unwatchable city, it will be hot autumn’

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CATANIA – “If the city government does not answer us concretely, and therefore certainly not inviting us to participate in municipal councils where we cannot make our voices heard, we will be forced to prepare for an autumn of strong city protests.
We will call together all those who care about the future of the city, jobs, rights and the development of the local economy “.
This is the announcement of the secretaries of CGIL and CISL, Carmelo De Caudo and Maurizio Attanasio, who advance to the Municipality of Catania “a definitive and urgent request” for a “confrontation that has been suspended for too many months” between administration and trade unions for ” obtain concrete answers and possibly contribute to solutions to questions and serious difficulties related to the present and future of Catania “.

“The patient wait of the trade unions – observe Cgil and Cisl – cannot continue: the responses of the Municipality of Catania on the Pnrr, on the investee companies, on the safety alarm, decorum and public hygiene in the city, on inadequate social services, and much more , they must arrive quickly.
We have been saying this for a few months and if we have not forced the tone up to now, it has been out of a sense of responsibility.
Now it would be irresponsible to prolong our silence ”.

“Just as we are experiencing an extraordinary moment of tourist presence – add the trade unions – the city is unwatchable, submerged by waste that is piled up in ever higher piles in the street corners, both central and peripheral, with serious damage to the health of those who live there , for public decorum and for the image of our city.
The nightlife has turned into a wild use of areas, without rules and without safety for those who would instead like to spend carefree hours.
Catania appears dirty, poor and obviously chaotic.
An emergency plan is needed, even more urgent than the one already invoked, but never implemented, at the time when the disaster had just been proclaimed.
Catania pays the price of the collapse, the pandemic and now the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, in terms of consequences on the energy crisis and therefore on the companies in the sector, and even of an administration without a mayor.
It feels like traveling on a ship without a helmsman ”.

News from Sicily 2022-06-25 15:54:00

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