The theft at the high school Regina Margherita, triggers the mobilization: fundraising started

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 07:36

Share Vandalism is answered with solidarity. In recent days the branch of the Regina Margherita high school in Ballarò has been “visited” by thieves who have taken away PCs and teaching materials, leaving disorder and destruction, but today civil and political society are mobilized for the school. The Retake Palermo association has launched a fundraiser to be able to buy back what has been stolen. “Retake Palermo – reads the appeal – calls together the best part of the city to show closeness to the students, students, teachers and all the staff of the Institute. Criminal actions like this can only be severely condemned because in addition to destroying and stealing tools necessary to guarantee the right to education of our children represent an attempt to undermine the trust and hope in the future that we all have the duty to ensure for young people “. From the association they explain that “the idea is to raise as much funds as possible, not only to buy back the stolen instruments, not only to implement some typical Retake initiatives, such as the recovery of the decor of parts of the school, but also and above all to show closeness to the school institution because whoever hits the school affects us all “. The municipal councilors of Avanti Insieme Valentina Chinnici, Massimo Giaconia and Claudia Rini also supported the fundraising. “The umpteenth vandalism raid against a school – they say – cannot leave us indifferent. Where a school is vandalized there is even more need for school and constructive and educational responses from the entire territory. This is why, in addition to express solidarity with the head teacher Domenico Di Fatta and the whole Regina Margherita community, our group adheres to and supports the initiative of the Retake Palermo association, as already happened in the action promoted by Retake for the Peter Pan kindergarten, thanks to active support and the joyful contribution of many citizens of Palermo “. Only yesterday the Ars Presidency Council accepted the proposal of the president Gianfranco Miccichè to allocate a contribution of 10 thousand euros to be allocated to the school. “These are funds that will be used by the Institute for the purchase of new computers – said Miccichè -. Considering the particular moment we are going through, the Sicilian Regional Assembly wanted to intervene in a concrete way, so that the lessons are not subject to further slowdowns. “.

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