The teacher killed by her daughter in Bagheria, Toradol and a sedative were found near the body

The autopsy on the body of the teacher killed on the night between 1 and 2 January in Bagheria by his seventeen-year-old daughter has been set for tomorrow. The exam will be performed at the forensic medicine institute of the Policlinico dei Palermo and will have to clarify some aspects.

The girl said, after some contradictory versions, of having strangled her mother. On the other hand, the 118 doctors and the coroner found both Toradol which is a painkiller and Minias which is a sedative medicine near the bed. Tests will determine whether or not the woman was conscious when her daughter killed her. All aspects that will also have to be clarified with the tests that will be performed on the woman’s tissues.

Usually it takes at least three months, the time that experts take when these types of tests are performed. After the autopsy, the body will be returned to the family for the funeral. The mayor of Bagheria Filippo Tripoli is considering whether to proclaim the city’s mourning.

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