The TAR rejects the appeal against the Palermo tram project

The TAR agreed with the Municipality of Palermo. The judges of the first section (president Calogero Ferlisi) rejected the appeal against the feasibility project of the new tram lines in the city, establishing that the procedure is correct and all the documents presented by the municipal offices are regular. “The inadmissibility of the appeal – the judges write – is also linked to the failure to challenge previous acts with which, in fact, the decisions challenged today had already been taken”. The Municipality of Palermo gave the news. The administrative judges had already rejected the suspension and now they have entered into the merits of the appeal that had been promoted by citizens and architects.

From the tram to the port, the Palermo of the future prisoner of the snail-yards

by Sara Scarafia

“The sentence of the Tar – says the mayor Leoluca Orlando – definitively establishes the correctness of the path activated by the municipal administration, erasing the distorted information, circulated in recent years, aimed at delegitimizing a strategic choice for the future of the city”.

Palermo, the TAR decides on the appeal against the tram

by Sara Scarafia

According to Giusto Catania, councilor for mobility of the Municipality of Palermo, “a new obstacle has been brilliantly overcome, thanks to the work of our offices and the municipal lawyer. Thus the completion of the city’s tram system is moving towards the definition of procedures. satisfaction for a sentence that brings Palermo closer to achieving a historic goal. I also want to remind you that the relative procedures are progressing regularly. The goal is to send everything out to tender before the end of the summer “.