The Strength of Women: 19 stories on the female universe in Trapani

Nineteen women, nineteen stories, nineteen female voices that have given voice to the “Strength of Women,” the event hosted at the Prefecture. This is how International Women’s Day was celebrated, not on the usual March 8th but on an ordinary day, to remind us that every day we work for gender equality.

They testified to the role of women in society, including Daniela Troja, the president of the Trapani Court, substitutes prosecutors Brunella Sardoni and Giulia Signaroldi, Chief Commissioner Cinzia Castiglione of the Trapani Police Headquarters, Lieutenant Camilla Bernacchini commander of the Norm of the provincial Carabinieri command, Captain Adriana Curto commander of the finance guard company in Marsala, Ordinary Marshal Concettina Spitaletta of the 6th Bersaglieri Regiment, Lieutenant Raffaella Salvatore of the Trapani Coast Guard, Lieutenant Annamaria Nolfo of the 37th Airspace Control Services Section at the Birgi Aeronautics Wing, Fire Inspector Giorgia Amato, Sveva Tatangelo Incorvaja delegate of the psychosocial area of the provincial Red Cross committee, Antonella Vaccara head of the Trapani School Office, Laura Giambanco head of obstetrics and gynecology at Sant’Antonio Abate Hospital, Sister Mimì of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Namur, Elena Avellone provincial delegate of the Coni, Silvia Bongiorno president of Agesp, and Daniela Toscano mayor of Erice.

“The strength of women lies in their deep ability to adapt,” says Daniela Lupo, prefect of Trapani, “to know how to live and share every moment of life with their family, partner, and children, and this is no small feat. From the ‘angel of the hearth’ woman to the woman who fought for her rights. Let us remember the story of Franca Viola, the first Italian woman to publicly refuse reparative marriage, contributing to the eradication of honor killing and reparative marriage laws.

“The strength of women, in my opinion,” says Daniela Troja, president of the Trapani Court, “is the tenacity to not give up even in the face of phrases and attitudes that diminish the figure, even unintentionally, by the male public of all professions. But also being supportive. Career should be a source of motivation and not discord. We should always be happy to have a friend or colleague, perhaps more intelligent, by our side. We must try to stay united, and in my opinion, the results are already visible in all professional fields.”

La «Forza delle Donne», 19 racconti sull’universo femminile in prefettura a Trapani

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