The streets of Syracuse are ready for restyling

The new contract for road maintenance is operational, albeit with some difficulties: the workers have already intervened in various city streets, now we are proceeding with the Epipoli area

SYRACUSE – The new contract for road maintenance with which innovative criteria have been introduced compared to the past in order to guarantee a long duration of the works while keeping costs under control. The contract, which was awarded to “Edil PF srls” of Floridia for a total amount of 55 thousand and 267 euros, provides for the restoration of the most damaged road surface for the closure of the holes, the arrangement of manholes and parts of pavements.

Compared to the past, however, the work will be more complex because they provide, in a single voice: the regular cutting of the asphalt around the hole, the removal of the loose material until the first useful and solid base layer is found, the use of bituminous emulsion as an adhesion, and subsequent layer of hot asphalt properly pressed; finally, bituminous tape is used to seal and weld the two asphalt layers, old and new, which protects against water infiltrations by filling the micro-vacuums. Previously, however, for the closure of the holes, hot asphalt was released on the damaged site and this intervention was counted and paid based on the hours used and the amount of material used, both elements difficult to verify because they required constant presence of a municipal technician, which is impossible to guarantee due to the shortage of staff.

From an accounting point of view, however, the new contract sets a price for the closure of a hole measuring 50 by 50 centimeters., a price that is then used as a basis for calculation for the higher measures: a criterion that allows for certainty of costs. The competition was awarded for the closure of 754 holes of 50 by 50 centimeters and various interventions on wells and sidewalks.

In recent days the workers have intervened in viale Regina Margherita, via Basilicata, vallone Carancino, traversa Sinerchia, traversa Vallone, via Italia 103, via Calabria and via Ignazio Marabitti; now we are proceeding in the Epipolis area.

“The delays for the start of the new contract – declared the mayor, Francesco Italia, and the municipal councilor for Transport and the Right to Mobility, Maura Fontana – were determined by the change in skills, from the Public Works sector to Transport sector and the right to mobility, but above all from the willingness of the municipal administration to review the procedures for interventions both from a technical and an accounting point of view “.

“The long list of reports – concluded the mayor of Italy and the commissioner Fontana – will be dealt with by grouping the activity by area so that the material used for the closure always remains at the right temperature to ensure greater sealing and avoid waste”. Still on the subject of Mobility, the City Council has decided to delay the entry into force of the summer timetable in the limited traffic area of ​​Ortigia by one month which was to come into effect from 1 April. Therefore the winter timetables have been confirmed until next April 30th.