The stop of Stromboli missed by the hydrofoil, the commander replies to the volcanological guide

The Liberty Lines hydrofoil in recent days skipped the Stromboli port of call amid protests from volcanological guide Antonio Famularo. The commander of the vessel Natale Batessa clarified the matter: “For the morning of November 19 – he points out – the Meteomar bulletin of the Air Force reported, for the Southern Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea, “rough” sea, therefore, considering the imminent deterioration of the weather in the area, I decided to suspend the departure; in this regard, I point out that a copy of the Meteomar bulletin is available at any Coast Guard office”.

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On the matter, in recent days, Famularo had protested saying in the port of Scari there was “flat calm”, contrary to what the commander had claimed. «The smaller islands – added the guide – are always penalized by these episodes. I wonder: why did the 7 o’clock hydrofoil leave for Lipari? We are always Serie B, if it was a summer month, with a load of tourists, there are times when it travels with storms. What often happens on small islands such as Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli is unacceptable, we are all in Serie B»

Captain Batessa replies: «In his account, Mr. Famularo fails to report that he left Milazzo with the fast vessel at 7.30 which, however, due to the strong wind and the considerable undertow present at the pier, was unable to moor in Scari; this as proof of the correctness and validity of the decision I took, aimed solely at protecting the safety and security of the passengers”.

«For the sake of completeness – underlines Captain Batessa – I add that Stromboli was reached by a hydrofoil only in the afternoon, when the weather conditions had just improved. Finally, as regards the perplexity expressed by Mr. Famularo as to why the 7 o’clock hydrofoil left instead, the answer is simple: because Vulcano and Lipari, being closer, are less affected by bad weather than Stromboli, which is offshore, about 35 miles north of Milazzo, and it is certainly not a Serie B island, as stupendous and wonderful as any other ».

«As regards the fast craft which left Milazzo at 7:30 – Antonio Famularo rejoins – they were impeccable in coming to Stromboli and testing and I think this is the right thing to do. Then another thing: from 7 in the morning, when the weather was calm, to 10:30 when we arrived with the second hydrofoil (even if I think it is not a suitable means for Stromboli) the sea increased but in the morning it was as calm as see from the photos. From my point of view, this is the situation as it is».

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