the State Police arrest a 34-year-old; must serve two years of imprisonment. – Nisseno Newspaper

Caltanissetta, armory robbery: the State Police arrest a 34-year-old;  must serve two years of imprisonment.

The woman, in order not to give suspicion, had used her minor children. The gang had administered poisonous substances to narcotize the owner and steal weapons and ammunition.

The Flying Squad has arrested a thirty-four-year-old Nissen woman for robbery committed in competition with other subjects. The jail order was ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta as the convict still has to serve more than two years in prison. The woman together with other accomplices had committed a robbery on 6 October 2016 at an armory in Caltanissetta. The immediate investigations, then continued for months, had allowed the investigators of the Flying Squad to identify the suspects and their responsibilities. The work of the men of the State Police made it possible to collect irrefutable sources of evidence, so much so that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta had requested and obtained a precautionary measure for all the suspects. The members of the gang had devised the plan taking care of every detail, adopting a particularly dangerous system that could also have caused the death of the armourer. In particular, the criminals have drugged the owner in order to stun him to take possession of weapons and ammunition for resale. The investigations of the Flying Squad made it possible to reconstruct the role of each subject and the very woman, now under arrest, had brought her young children with her in order not to arouse suspicion, but had a key role, that of the so-called stake, that is he maintained constant telephone contact with his accomplices who worked inside the armory for all the time necessary for the perpetration of the crime. After an initial period of detention in prison and at home, the woman, as well as the other accomplices, had returned to freedom pending the various stages of the trial. The Public Prosecutor’s Office, after being sentenced to over three years of imprisonment, ordered that the woman be arrested again in order to serve the remaining two-year sentence in prison. The convicted was taken to prison.

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