The Snoezelen Room for autistic children was inaugurated in Piazza Igea in Ragusa

Today, 02 July, World Autism Day 2021, the inauguration of the Snoezelen Room for autistic children was held in the presence of the major Lionistic authorities and the ASP 7 of Ragusa at the autism center in Piazza Igea in Ragusa, created by the Lions Club Ragusa Host, as part of the eighth district project in favor of our community, sponsored by the governor of District 108 YB, Avv. Mariella Sciammetta.

The Ragusa Host Lions Club, in the person of the President Dr. Giuseppe Sapienza, by donating this multisensory room has decided to enrich the educational, enabling and rehabilitation offer for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Morando, director of the mental health department and head of the autism center, thanking the Lions Club Ragusa Host, highlighted how the multisensory stimulation that is determined through the use and impact with these donated tools, determines relaxation for children with autism and allows the team to work in peace with them.

All the ASP 7 management of Ragusa were present and the arch Angelo Aliquò, general manager, expressed gratitude to the Lions Ragusa Host Club, underlining how the Club has always been close to the needs of the community, especially in recent difficult years.

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