"The Smiles of the Last" delivery of new toys to the Municipality of Palermo

«An extraordinary solidarity pact between the Municipality of Palermo, the Autism Complex operating unit and the Sorrisi degli ultima association». This is how he defined the initiative of the non-profit organization The smiles of the last Rosi Pennino, councilor for social activities, who today received the president of the non-profit organization Raffaele Baglieri and the mayor, Roberto Lagalla, at the headquarters of his councilorship in via Garibaldi, to celebrate this synergy that has led to the Neutral Space, Child Protection service and adolescence and at UOC Autism of ASP 6 new toys for children.

All the result of donations received by the non-profit organization, which has made itself available to help the work done by the social machine of the Municipality of Palermo: «The association – explains the president – was created to support children with cancer. Now, we are focusing on other pathologies and situations and we want to respond presently even in the face of these requests”. Councilor Pennino was enthusiastic about the success of the project: “A moment that serves to provide toys and make more welcoming places where our less fortunate children transit, with autism or who arrive at the administration services because they are victims of abuse or mistreatment” . Pennino then focused on the current situation of social policies: «The numbers concerning the minors who pass through these services are important – she underlines -. We are not concerned with the taking into question, a request that we are able to accept very well, but with the paths that then allow the exit from the condition of discomfort. The housing community cannot be the only rest that the municipality can provide. The housing community must be a moment of taking charge that will have to lead to the activation of specific paths, such as the system of foster care, adoptions or family recovery”.

During the meeting, the mayor stopped to talk to psychologists and social workers, to take stock of the situation and understand how to better address and strengthen the administrative aid machine under the banner of social equity. «The synergies between the Municipality and voluntary associations must be multiplied and encouraged because the public institution alone does not always achieve the objectives of efficiency and effectiveness, but it certainly finds in volunteering an important support that raises the levels of rest and the human content”.

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