The slave who became a king, how? Making (in Enna) a mess you have no idea

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This is the story of a slave who after years of torture decides that he has broken his so-called straps.
To tell you about it, let’s start with an anecdote related to the married life of a Sicilian couple

Monument to Euno built in 1960 by the brothers Pietro and Giuseppe Marzilla and Bruno Di fabrizio, Castello di Lombardia – Enna

This is the story of a slave who after years of torture decides that he has broken the so-called strains, rebels, subverts the system and becomes king.
My grandfather, in fact, was reduced to a rug from that living camurrìa of my grandmother.
Not only did he send him on foot under the pico of the sun to the Ballarò market (on the other side of the city) to buy two bunches of sparacelli (the broccoli are called by us) – which in any case sold them the same under the house – for moreover, as soon as he came back from the grueling with a heart attack and a wax that Tutankhamun’s mummy looked like his younger brother, she looked at him in disgust and said: «Are these sparacelli? If these are sparacelli I am King Antiochus.
You always get fucked, you always get fucked! “

And so grandfather by dint of being told this thing about King Antiochus, one day he took courage, put his dentures on one side to facilitate breathing, walked four floors in the same building and went to ask Professor Terranova, who these things he understood a great deal.
We are around 136 BC, the Carthaginians had taken many of those beaten by the Romans, during the Punic Wars, that for a long time they had gone to that country …
to their country: Carthage.

And if in Carthage there was no more paper to wipe the …
muzzle, Sicily, strangely (or probably because the Sicilian Regional Assembly had not yet been born), it was experiencing a flourishing period and an economic boom that the petioles fell from the sky like manna.
Yep, the Sicilians weren’t stupid at that time who got oranges from Tunisia at bargain prices and the local ones made them fall to the ground; no sir, in those days from Sicily wheat, wine and other valuable things were exported as if there was no tomorrow.

But since man is crasto, or as Hobbes said “Homo, homini, lupus”, that is “we were made to slaughter us”, if on the one hand this wealth had favored the birth of a rich and powerful noble class that dictated the law in everything the Mediterranean, it is also true that someone who is land had to work it, and here too it turns out that the rich become rich and the poor snatch it from the Frack.
And this is not what I say, Carlo Marx also said it, according to which the worker under the boss always earns the same misery, makes him rich, and, worse worse, produces a good that will never touch him, he “alienates himself” (so says Marx), and stoned.

Anyway, done the picture, we said that we are in 136 BC in Sicily near Enna.
The “Bogghese” master in question was called Damofilo and for some time he had been thinking about an economic theory of his own: “by favoring the Romans through the exploitation of slaves he would have obtained Roman citizenship – by obtaining Roman citizenship he could have exploited slaves even more – exploiting the slaves more would have made even more stalks ”.

Damophilus, however, had not calculated that among his slaves there was a picciotto by name Is onewho, according to the rumors of the people (half truth and half bullshit is not up to us to establish), had supernatural powers: he blew fire from his mouth and conferred with the Syriac goddess Atargatis.

And since he pulls the rope which then breaks, as normal, one day a rebellion breaks out led by Is one.
Following the script of Braveheart with Mel Gibson, the masculazzo begins to enlist slaves and peasants among his ranks, who, hearing of his deeds, begin to present themselves of their own free will.
From four cats that were they become a real army, and at what point they leave for Enna to go and shave his beard, hair and shampoo at Damofilo.
They overrun the defenses of the “Bogghese” in a flash, and, just like in Johnny Stecchino, “Caput! To him to his whole family! “.

By now the die is cast, or the damage is done, a Is one all that remains is proclaim himself King Antiochus and mint coins with his pretty face.
And nothing you do that nothing is known, at the same time in Agrigento a case of emulation breaks out: a certain Cleone, watching the TV series about Euno, gets so passionate that he too takes courage, marches on the city and conquers it.
In a nutshell it happens that the two, Is one and Cleone, form a company and from a family-run company they become Srl, reaching an estimated army of between 70,000 and 200,000 men (even if the second figure seems to me a bit naive with a bang).
In reality, like all fairy tales, this one is also destined to end, because then the Romans win the same and suppress all things.

We stop here, at the highest and most luminescent point, and go back to the beginning for a moment.
Having listened to this story, grandfather came down from the house of Professor Terranova who apparently had piled up four viagra pills all together.
He cleaned his sparacelli, made pasta with it, and after eating he started washing the dishes as well because grandmother was in charge of it.
But as soon as the service finished, grandmother went to close the leftovers in the pantry of the closet, grandfather went after her, waited for her to be bent over to close the cabinets, and at that point she closed the door and gave the lock four turns.

It was time for a nap, what was he supposed to do? He put the earplugs on and went to curl like a king …
like king Antiochus!

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