The situation of the 200 former Auchan workers of Misterbianco has stalled

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Nothing in the meeting of 8 July between the delegation of workers and an emissary of the company Effepi srl who, according to what was reported by the trade unionists of the Rifondazione Comunista, declares that he has no power of attorney to negotiate without therefore having any decision-making power and signature on any topic.
“As if the employment destiny of 200 workers were not a more than pressing issue – declare Mimmo Cosentino, Provincial Secretary of Rifondazione and Nicola Candido, Regional Secretary – to responsibly give an answer from an entrepreneur.
But they are entrepreneurs or borrowers.
Who are the real owners of the former Auchan store, a hypermarket that billed one million euros a month, what happened to the company’s money and, above all, the workers’ money? publishes the deafening silence of the provincial confederal secretariats of Cgil, Cisl and Uil on a dispute that affects 200 jobs and their respective families.
Why is there only the Uil presidium in front of the company? in this dispute? We ask – they conclude – the intervention of the Prefect of Catania, for the sensitivity shown on these issues, to convene the social partners and force to the property of Effepi srl to declare the commercial intentions on the present (workers’ credits) and on the future of a store “.

News from Sicily 2022-07-09 12:15:00

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