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University reopening in April 2021: the government works to ensure a return to the classroom, as of this month many students could say goodbye to distance learning.

The Draghi executive no longer wants to wait and it was clear on returning to school. According to the first rumors the return of face-to-face teaching is near and has a date: April 26th and will be valid for schools and institutes in the orange and yellow zone. On the other hand, distance learning in the red areas will continue.

This change of direction will also affect universities: return also foreseen for university students, ensuring compliance with current regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.

In this regard, the president of the National Association of Presidents Antonello Giannelli hopes that this directive can be applied and that it will not remain a promise, monitoring the trend of the epidemiological curve: “It is the shared hope – declared Giannelli-, but it goes verified whether the technical and safety conditions exist to be able to do so“.

A sore point for public transport, which after a year has not been strengthened, despite the high number of commuter students who go to school or university every day. “Public transport has not yet been secured – concluded the president of the National Association of Presidents -. There are no major advances on the monitoring and screening front through the rapid swabs mentioned above. Nor are there any measures regarding the formation of classes and the reduction of the number of students, even looking at September. These technical difficulties must be overcome“.

University reopening, Mass: “We aim for face-to-face lessons in October”

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