The siege of Ilium is staged in Marsala, so the myth marries jazz

On Tuesday 23 August at 7.30 pm and in rerun at 9.45 pm the “Pellegrino 1880” seaside theater will become the setting for the most mythical of the wars of antiquity, staged by the cultural association Arco. “Tragic trials of a tragedy”, is the emblematic subtitle of the play written and directed by Giacomo Frazzitta, a work “that enters in a lively way in the souls of the actors – explains the author – who in a continuous exchange between interpreter and character narrate an epic story “. To tread the “green” stage will be Chiara Vinci, Alessia Angileri, Sergio La Vela and Giuseppe Frazzitta. Music by Dario Silvia

The myth will be the protagonist of the double show to be held on Tuesday 23 August in the theater at sea “Pellegrino 1880” with the play entitled “The siege of Ilium – Tragic evidence of a tragedy” staged by the cultural association Arco where the epic meets and dresses up in jazz, the music of freedom.

“” The siege of Ilium “is intended to be a deep and at times lively reflection on what we experience every day in our lives, thus revealing that the epic poem of the Iliad is not far from us and from our insecurities. With a wonderful Jazz soundtrack, with twists and moments of reflection, the myth returns to the Teatro a Mare “Pellegrino 1880” in the wonderful setting of the sunset at the Genna salina ”. With these words the author and director Giacomo Frazzitta tells how the show “The siege of Ilium – Tragic evidence of a tragedy” breaks the boundaries of time and space and makes the myth close to our days, to our lives. The show will be held on Tuesday 23 August at 19.30 and then will be repeated at 21.45 in Salina Genna, in the Stagnone nature reserve, within the review “‘a Scurata Cunti and songs at sunset – Memorial Enrico Russo” .

To interpret the mythical events of the taking of Ilio will be: Chiara Vinci, Alessia Angileri, Sergio La Vela and Giuseppe Frazzitta. While music and arrangements are by Dario Silvia who will perform at the piano with Aldo Bertolino (trumpet), Gianluca Pantaleo (double bass), Fabrizio Parrinello (Drums) and with the musical direction of Bettina Gandolfo, the scenography by Giovanni Falco and the costumes of Giusy Curcio and Patrizia Giacalone.

“It is always a challenge, to tell the epic story of the Iliad and, of course, a choice that involves intense work, even on the actors who will play it – continues Giacomo Frazzitta -. We also count on the added value of a wonderful Jazz soundtrack, with twists and moments of reflection “

Epic and ethics thus meet in a theater that is completely eco-sustainable, made of tuff, salt and wood, in a basin of the Salina, in the natural reserve of the Stagnone, where the natural scenery of one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world joins the art: to acting and music.

Among the performers, Chiara Vinci who to her credit level acting experiences, was in fact directed in the cinema by Paolo Genovese and by Pif and in the theater by Pino Strabioli.

The appointment is for Tuesday 23 August for the first show at 19.30 and for the rerun at 21.45

The show is part of the review “‘a Scurata”, conceived and organized by the artistic and cultural movement of the city of Marsala – MAC, now in its fifth edition, which avails itself of the patronage of the Municipality of Marsala and the ARS – Sicilian Regional Assembly . The event also counts on the sponsors: Cantine Pellegrino, main partner of the events that gives its name to the theater “Pellegrino 1880”, the only theater on the sea, completely ecological and respectful of the lagoon of the Stagnone nature reserve where the artists perform while sleeping. water, but also by Zicaffè, Medipower and Imera Imballaggi.

The review is entirely dedicated to the unforgettable Enrico Russo who has made an exceptional contribution to the growth of art culture and above all of theater in our territory.

The other shows on the bill

26 August “… And I loved her” by Chiara Putaggio with Adriana Parrinello – directed by Francesco Stella – h. 19.30

The work, the mission of the Marsala trade unionist killed by the mafia in 1947, Vito Pipitone, but also his personal life told through the eyes of his wife, Filippa Di Dia. A monologue in Sicilian, intimate and sincere – written by Chiara Putaggio, played by Adriana Parrinello and directed by Francesco Stella – where a woman reveals what lies behind the sacrifice of those who believe in justice. Music by Gregorio Caimi to sing the soul of that Marsala, in the aftermath of the Second World War and of a family, of a woman, who “loved her husband”.

August 30 Mario Venuti “ONLY” h. 19.30

Mario Venuti plays his soul “SOLO”, with guitar and voice. Instruments that paint the 30-year career of the Catania artist, of Italian music that dips into the world, which with his vocalism embraces the Brazilian and South American sounds. Unique opportunity to touch the profound artistic and human identity of a musician according to whom “pop is a noble term, which unites Domenico Modugno and Luigi Tenco, Elvis Costello and the Talking Heads, the Beatles and Lucio Battisti”. His historical pieces are inevitable, but also new successes in the purest arrangement, the one in which they were born, and he will also propose songs from the new album “Tropitalia”.

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