The Sicilia Outlet Village becomes an open-air gallery six artists wonder about happiness

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Sicilia Outlet Village in the coming weeks it will turn into a special open-air art gallery hosting the “Consulate of happiness” thanks to the agreement with the Farm cultural park, one of the most influential independent cultural centers of the contemporary cultural world, excellence of the territory, rightfully entered in the top ten of places to visit in Sicily.

Founded in June 2010 by Florinda Saieva and Andrea Bartoli, Farm cultural park was born in Favara, in the province of Agrigento.
Thanks to an unstoppable cultural program, SOU, the School of Architecture for Children *, Prime Minister the School of Politics for young women and Human Forest, the Farm proposes itself, in Favara and Mazzarino, as a catalyst for urban regeneration and social transformation processes.

The desire to promote and spread culture and art in Sicily that unites Sicily outlet village and Farm cultural park sees the birth of a project of Street Art entitled “Spreading Happiness” which will involve, in its first phase, six extraordinary artists, all internationally recognized, who will represent the theme of Happiness, using different languages: murals, installations, illustrations and photography.
The curator of the project is Andrea Bartoli, co-founder and artistic director of the Farm cultural park.
The project aims to transform some areas of Sicilia outlet village into an open-air artistic journey.
It will therefore start on the first weekend of August, when visitors to the Village will be able to attend at the live performance of Motorefisico, a duo of Roman architects and designers who will carry out the installation directly on site with their famous geometries and optical effects.

Also in August, they will carry out their installations Domenico Pellegrino, Sicilian artist who has made traditions the leitmotif of his artistic work and who will delight the Village with a luminous work.
To follow, the graphic designer Alessandra Bruni will interpret the theme “Spreading Happiness” through his illustrations and Paolo Raeli, talented Italian-Danish photographer born in Palermo and in his early twenties, he will delight visitors with a widespread installation inside the Village with his shots with an unmistakable photographic style: intimate, passionate, romantic and uncensored.
In the autumn they will complete this cycle of artistic works of the “Consulate of Happiness” of Farm Cultural Park, Alberonero’s mural work, refined artist who creates real urban landscapes, and the installation by the Polish artist Nespoon which, with its huge mandalas, combines tradition and contemporaneity, local and global.


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