The seventh ITF junior international tournament at the Palermo coach is underway, waiting for Anastasia Abbagnato

Editorial team 06 September 2021 10:43

Yesterday on the clay courts of the Palermo coach the seventh edition of the International Itf junior grade 3 male and female tournament kicked off with the matches of the qualifying board until Saturday 11 September. Numerous Sicilian tennis players engaged in today’s day. The Syracusan Sebastiano Cocola smiles who, after beating Mattia Iannì in the morning, repeated a few hours later with the Calabrian Alessio Pergola. The Tc Siracusa tennis player will be back on the pitch on Monday. The Palermo Tc2 Chiara Davì also did well, victorious in the first round over the Syracusan Giuliana Giardina, who retired at the beginning of the second set due to an ankle injury and subsequently on the bell Miriana Galietta. The Messina coach of Vela Fabrizia Cambria, who defeated Francesca De Matteo at the end of the program, enters the third final round of qualifications. Yesterday the Italian under 16 championships for men and women were awarded which went to the Sardinian Lorenzo Carboni and the Tuscan Viola Turini, both present at the Palermo coach. They will make their debut tomorrow, Tuesday 7 September. Today around 6 pm the main scoreboards will be announced by the supervisor Riccardo De Biase. Waiting for the home player Anastasia Abbagnato, first seed of the women’s draw. The matches of the last round of the qualifiers, four men and four women will start at 10.30.

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