The secret of Don Ciccio is born from the diary of his aunt. The autobiographical novel on Catania of the '900


It is a novel that has a thousand faces that of Angela Sorace, new pen by Bonfirraro publisher. Don Ciccio's secret is the title of the book published a few days ago by the Sicilian publishing house, in which each page offers an opportunity to talk about art, traditions, Catania architecture, but also the relationship between generations. The book will be presented November 15, at 5 pm, at the Palace of Culture.

«If I wanted to express myself as a percentage, I'd call it autobiographical at 40 for .cento, while the rest is fantasy ", explains the author, who works in the intensive care unit of the Gravina di Caltagirone hospital, devoting herself not only to writing but also to smile therapy. «Autobiographical why I am inspired by a diary found by a great aunt, the last of the thirteen brothers of my grandfather, children of the Don …

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