The second tragic Fantozzi in the moonlight, the arena returns to Piazzetta Bagnasco


Event location: Piazzetta Bagnasco Piazzetta Francesco Bagnasco

Event date: From 09/12/2019 to 09/12/2019 only tomorrow

Event cost: 5 €

Arena Bagnasco: "The second Tragico Fantozzi" is the next appointment on Thursday to experience the great outdoor cinema in the city center. Appointment scheduled for Thursday 12 September at 10pm.

Who has not loved him, making his own misfortunes his own and thinking that he should have rebelled against all the oppression and harassment against his person? Misadventures, those of the accountant Fantozzi, remained etched in our mind thanks to cult films like "Il Secondo Tragico Fantozzi" (Italy 1976, 105 minutes), that the Arena Bagnasco will propose at 10 pm on Thursday 12 September. An initiative promoted by the "Piazzetta Bagnasco" Association and supported by Cappadonia Gelati and Antiruggine Pub.

The famous staircase of “La corazzata Potëmkin”, a favorite movie by the head of the accountant Fantozzi, whose mind will be forced to live again more than once, has remained etched in our mind. Written by Paolo Villaggio with Luciano Salce – who also directed it – "Il Secondo Tragico Fantozzi" is truly a milestone in the history of cinema. Therefore, fun is guaranteed.

The film will be viewed on director chairs, wearing wireless headphones so as not to disturb residents and passers-by and, on the other hand, not be diverted from listening. To assist you, a contribution of 5 euros will be required for the use of the cap, the chair and for the SIAE. Furthermore, it is necessary to leave an identity document to guarantee the wireless headset.

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