The S. Orsola di Messina market will be demolished. It will be reborn “green” and on four floors

Of the current market, perhaps, only the name will remain. Everything else will be completely different. S. Orsola is destined to change its face. Farewell to the commercial slum it is today, and space for a 4-storey building with a green soul. In these days the tender for the definitive and executive design of the new layout of the market space has been awarded. The design of the new S. Orsola will be dealt with by Cooprogetti of Gubbio, the same that has received the assignment for the restyling of another market, the Zaera, whose works have been completed a couple of weeks ago. Professionals will have 4 months to prepare the project which will have as stakes those included in the design guideline document drawn up by the architects Giovanni Scipilliti is Adriana Galbo who supported the rup, Orazio Scandura. Nothing will remain of the current structure. It will be demolished for the construction of the new one which will have a basement of almost 1900 square meters which will be used as a parking lot and where 53 stalls for cars and 15 for motorcycles will be placed. It will be served by a ramp connected with via Canova.

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