the rosanero bring home a good point from a difficult game

Although a draw is never exciting, considering the phase of the season, the type of match and the history of the match, the 1-1 obtained by Palermo on the neutral of Vibo Valentia against Messina can be considered a good result overall.

The first half of the game is characterized by a competitive fury rather than by the technique, which however has very little lyricism with the two teams facing each other nervously. Few plays, also thanks to a playing field that looks like an agricultural field devastated after the passage of the barbarians; many tackles and hits to the limit. The wavy referee meter used by Longo during the match in this sense certainly did not help to relax the spirits. The first chances of the match are the result of individual wrong plays. The first thrill is the result of a totally out of time exit on a long ball by Pelagotti, who slows down his run as Simonetti passes: the ball which went slowly towards the goal is swept by the rosanero defense. Palermo’s reaction comes with a shot from the edge by Dell’Oglio after a terrible lost ball by Fofana, with Lewandowski keeping a good watch. Messina comes back immediately afterwards with a good initiative by Baldè who burns Lancini putting the ball in the middle: Di Stefano does not find the winning deviation. The Peloritani in the field maintain their territorial dominance but without being able to find the lunge in the face of a Palermo (forced to replace Peretti, knocked down by a volley from Almici, with Marong) who can not find either plots or restart as witnessed. from the loneliness of Brunori, detached from a game that in fact does not exist. The symmetry of the match can only be broken by one episode, which comes in injury time. On a corner from the left Marconi (not in his best day) dampens the ball with a deviation that takes away time from Pelagotti: Baldè sling himself on the ball and scores the goal of the advantage that effectively closes the first half. In the second half, the trend of the game remains substantially unchanged but Palermo returns to the playing field of the “Race” with a different spirit. At 48 ‘the rosanero officially sign up for the match. Luperini raids in the area by burning the Giallorossi captain Carillo: the clash between the two culminates in a penalty assigned to Palermo. From the spot, Floriano, who was icy last week, sends the ball to “Pluto”: Palermo, however, does not disunite and throws itself head down in search of an equal match with Messina which gradually retreats. Filippi at 56 ‘decides to replace Floriano and Dall’Oglio moving to the two strikers with the inclusion of Fella and Soleri. The move turns out to be a winner because ten minutes later Palermo is equal. On a cross by De Rose in the area Luperini goes with his head, Lewandowski rejects as he can and on the loose ball Luperini slingshot who incredibly hits the post: at that point Soleri as a bird of prey pounces on the ball finding the second goal in two games of the championship. A few minutes after the equal goal, Filippi was forced to make a new forced change by removing Marconi and making the new signing Perrotta debut, thus running out of slots for substitutions. In the final match, unlike in the first half, Palermo controls the spaces against a Messina who, after spending a lot, relies on the restarts with Sullo who raises the barricade by inserting the stopper Mikulic. Despite this, the peloritani at 88 are close to scoring. Fazzi, in suspected offside position, turns and kicks from two steps with Pelagotti who rejects as he can, the attacker Busatto pounces on the loose ball who goes into tap-in: the rosanero goalkeeper pulls out a crazy save. Brunori’s shot from outside the box on the reversal in front is the latest thrill of a match that Messina ended in ten for the bad injury suffered by the midfielder Matese. The draw is overall a fair result. Messina played the game with the weapons they had at their disposal, not giving up: after a bad start, Palermo showed a good ability to react. A defeat would have been too much for both of them. The match report MESSINA (4-2-3-1): Lewandowski; Morelli, Celic, Carillo, Sarzi Puttini; Fofana, Damian; Simonetti (76 ‘Matese), Balde (77’ Mikulic), Distefano (57 ‘Fazzi); Adoring (from 72 ‘Busatto). Att. Sullo. PALERMO (3-4-2-1) Pelagott 6.5i; Peretti 6.5 (32 ‘Marong 6), Lancini 6, Marconi 4.5 (65’ Perrotta 6); Almici 5.5, De Rose 6.5, Luperini 6, Giron 6; Floriano 5 (56 ‘Soleri 6,5), Dall’Oglio 6 (56’ Fella 6); Brunori 6. All. Filippi. Referee: Long (Paola) Goals : 47 ‘Baldè, 65’ Soleri Booked: Almici, Marconi, Simonetti, Balde, Marong, Carillo Spectators: 304

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