The Room all to oneself arrives in the Carabinieri Station of Mazzarino

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A protected and welcoming environment – created by Carabinieri and Soroptimist – dedicated to women victims of violence, who want to convey a feeling of welcome after the suffering they have suffered

MAZZARINO (CL) – Inside the local Carabinieri station it was inauguration of the “Room all to oneself”, dedicated to women who turn to the Authorities for denounce violence and abuse.
It is a protected and dedicated environment, which tends to have a less traumatic approach with investigators, as well as to convey a feeling of welcome to the person for the suffering suffered.

The room – whose ribbon cutting took place in the presence of the commander of the Sicily Carabinieri Legion, brigadier general Rosario Castello, the prefect of Caltanissetta Chiara Armenia, the prosecutor of Gela Fernando Asaro, the mayor of Mazzarino Vincenzo Marino, the provincial and local authorities , of the representatives of the Soroptimist clubs of Gela and Niscemi, was realized as part of a national project between the General Command of the Carabinieri and the Soroptimist international of Italy.

Commander Castello wanted to recall the daily commitment made by the women and men of the Arma in contrasting all forms of violence and in particular gender-based violence, defined as “unacceptable”, as it is based on the wrong conception of a relationship you learn between man and woman.

The provincial commander of the Carabinieri of Caltanissetta, Vincenzo Pascale on the other hand, he expressed particular thanks to the presidents of the Soroptimist clubs of Gela and Niscemi, Ausilia Faraci and Marisa Mogliarisi, for their efforts in carrying out the project in Mazzarino.

In addition to the traditional ribbon cutting, there was also the blessing of the premises by Father Pino D’Aleo, vicar forane of Mazzarino.

The “Room all to oneself” is part of the larger project of the anti-violence networkwhich sees the Arma at the forefront also in this province, with specialized personnel trained at the Higher Institute of Investigative Techniques for the support of women victims of violence, in synergy with all the institutions.

In the province there are already rooms dedicated to the victims of violence at the Carabinieri stations of Caltanissetta, Gela, Niscemi and two more will be opened shortly in San Cataldo and Riesi.

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