The roof of the house collapses, tragedy in Naro: man overwhelmed, dies in hospital

A terrible accident happened this morning at naro, in the province of Agrigento. A man of 39 years old he lost his life after being crushed by the roof of his house which collapsed. The boy, rescued by the firefighters of the Canicattì detachment, died of serious injuries after being transported to the “Barone Lombardo” hospital.

Apparently he was still conscious when he got to the ER. There the doctors immediately alerted the 118 operations center which, from Caltanissetta, was supposed to send an ambulance. However, there was not even time because the thirty-nine year old died.

In Naro, to support the fire brigade teams, the carabinieri also intervened. It seems that the thirty-nine year old was doing some work inside that house. But the carabinieri are still trying to reconstruct what actually happened in the historic center.

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