the Romolo Murri committee asking for his recovery

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CATANIA – As if the decay that hits the city with the plague of waste, Catania still has to deal with the many abandoned and destroyed buildings.
One above all is obviously the PalaNesima.
A plant where a worrying silence has persisted for too long; as if the municipal administration had definitively resigned itself to this monstrosity of reinforced concrete and set aside any kind of possible recovery project.

The Romolo Murri committeethrough his president Vincenzo Parisi, “He naturally hopes otherwise but in the eyes of the city it almost seems like nobody wants to face this hot potato.
Yet we are talking about the largest vandalized plant in the city.
Millions of euros went up in smoke with the necessary expenditure, for its eventual recovery, which increases day by day since here the thefts of ferrous material and hooliganism have never stopped.

For years we have been denouncing a situation of extreme degradation and abandonment that persists in this structure.
A literally emptied concrete skeleton.
Yet European funds could be accessed to save it, to give it back to the city and thus put an end to Catania’s biggest open wound.

To do all this you need programming, political will and a real ability to turn the page and not repeat the mistakes of the past.
So far the inspections, the itinerant sessions and the conferences of the services are services to develop a series of good intentions (which have remained so only on paper) and to ascertain how the PalaNesima is a cathedral of waste “.

News from Sicily 2022-06-24 10:21:00

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