the review thus dismantles the Waterloo operation

“The bankruptcy declarations of Girgenti Acque and Hidortecne are decisive which, involving a substantial and complete dismantling of the corporate structure, establish a clear and definitive interruption of the business management. It is therefore believed that there is no concreteness and relevance of the danger of repetition of crimes “.

With these reasons, filed in recent days, the judges of the Palermo review court have motivated the annulment of the precautionary order in prison, ordered on 9 July three weeks later, against the entrepreneur Marco Campione, a key figure in the ‘Waterloo investigation which hypothesizes the existence of a real criminal network built around the management of the integrated water service. The system of complicity, according to what the prosecutors hypothesize, would have been very extensive and would have allowed Campione, through the distribution of assignments, jobs and consultancy of various kinds, to interfere with administrative life, to have null or favorable controls and to manage millions of euros of public money in defiance of numerous regulations. There was no area of ​​political, institutional and professional life where, according to the accusation, there were no large slices of enslavement. On 24 June, 8 detentions were triggered, ordered by the prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio, by the deputy Salvatore Vella and by a pool of substitutes made up of Antonella Pandolfi, Sara Varazi and Paola Vetro. Among the accusations contested the conspiracy, the external competition, the corruption, the fraud and much more. Another seven trusted collaborators of Campione ended up in prison. All, however, have returned to freedom as a result of the decisions of the review and, before that, of the investigating magistrates called to rule on the stops. According to the judges of the review, who disclosed the reasons, the bankruptcy of the two companies through which the water service was managed make the precautionary needs non-existent. “The peculiar methods of carrying out the criminal association conduct, essentially centered on the de facto enslavement of the management of the water service of the province of Agrigento to the most varied private interests, makes it completely unlikely, in fact – at the present stage of the proceedings – taking into account the situation objective, that a similar criminal mechanism can again be implemented by the Campione group, as no concrete data emerged on the basis of which to hypothesize the action of a new similar organization that recreates, even to a lesser extent, the same context suitable for replicating the same type of criminal program and related and systematic illegal activities “.

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