The return of the LTZ to Palermo, Gelarda: “Reactivating it is an attack on the city”

“The choice of councilor Giusto Catania to reactivate the ZTL while viale Regione Siciliana is in total chaos, with the narrowing of the Corleone bridge and the closure of the section at via Principe di Paternò, sounds like a real attack on city ​​and the people of Palermo. Forced to live all day by car “. This was declared by the municipal councilor and leader of the Lega Igor Gelarda.

“Not to mention that via Roma, in the stretch outside the ZTL, is still affected by construction sites, as is via Ruggero Settimo – he continues -. Also, someone tell Giusto Catania that the coronavirus emergency is far from back, which is not gatherings must not be encouraged even on buses which, moreover, in Palermo are in ridiculous numbers. Only the commissioner who managed to make the city of Palermo the busiest in Italy, says the Tomtom index, could have had a idea of ​​the kind “.

“While Palermo is submerged by garbage, hundreds of coffins are stacked at the cemetery of the Rolls, no one takes care of street maintenance anymore, the city is in full economic recession and many businesses risk not opening anymore, a priority of the councilor Catania it is the reactivation of the ZTL. We appeal to Orlando, take Catania out of the council and let the city breathe a little “.

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