The response to the pandemic: an award to 50 companies from Palermo and Enna. Here’s what they are

About fifty companies registered with the Palermo Enna Chambers of Commerce were awarded the 2022 Business Leader Award in the morning, a recognition to companies that have distinguished themselves for resilience, resistance, innovation, reorientation, initiative and ability even in the very difficult period of Covid 19 .

The initiative, desired and promoted by Alessandro Albanese, president of the Palermo Enna Chamber of Commerce and the chamber council, which anticipates the organization of a prize to the historic companies of Palermo scheduled for September, was organized in collaboration with the Punto Impresa Digital. Also present was the general secretary Guido Barcellona.
“We all know – explains Alessandro Albanese, president of the Palermo Enna Chamber of Commerce – how difficult and complex these two years have been for many companies, many of which have not been able to resist the crisis caused by the pandemic and therefore have been forced to close their doors. . For all these reasons we have decided to promote and organize this award which is intended to be a certificate of esteem and recognition of the ability of our companies to resist with courage and strength the wave of the pandemic and others to have looked with optimism at renewal and reorientation. Unfortunately – he adds – the war in Ukraine is causing serious consequences to the battered and fleeing population, but also to rain on the European and world economy which obviously does not exclude the Sicilian one, which today finds itself in a storm ».

The list of awarded companies

Accardi srl, Agrumaria Corleone spa, Al Cart of Di Dio Davide and Di Dio Maria Francesca snc, Almeida srl ​​constructions, Ammirata Giovanni & Palumbo Giorgio sas, Arena Re Campofelice di Roccella and Cinema Astro Cefalù – CB cinema sas by Matteo Boscarino, Upholstery artists srl, B2p & Partners job consulting stp arl, By Ciuro embroidery systems di Ciuro Giuseppe, Caec Consortium artisan construction Comiso cooperative society, Chiddiddà Cooperative social society, Cinema Rouge et Noir Palermo – Gump srl, Co.san. srl, Coopservice FM Cooperative society, Corrente srl, Cribea srl, Donna più srl, Edilab cooperative society, Domenico Mangano & C. sas electromechanics, Emmecci srl, E-moto cooperative society, Greek Pharmacy of doctors Francesco and Alessandro Zavatteri snc, Ferrara Quartz cooperative society, Fimas di Puglisi Enrico Maria & c. snc, Musacchia Brothers of Musacchia Saverio & c. sas, Geraci gioiellieri srl, Giglio com spa, Giorgio La Pira social cooperative onlus, I Corrieri dell’oasi social cooperative society, Idea pelle by Lo Manto Salvatore, Il Ballerino sas by Iraci Rosaria & c., I love concept srl, Intermedia srl , Karisma srl, Iolanda Riolo – Riolo Group, La Tartaruga cooperative society, Le albe di Sicilia by Ammannato Maria, Lekalòs Medical Day spa – Medibeauty cooperative society, Lucchese Carmelo, Magazzù yachting srl, Militello Salvatore, Modart di Pinello Flavia, Mosina Costruzioni srl , Pirazzoli Assicurazioni srl, Prezzemolo & Vitale spa, Progetto Olimpo cooperative society, Promo Italia srl, Ricca srl, Tailoring theatrical costumes Pipi srl, Serenity social cooperative, Business strategies cooperative society, Tecno box srl, Telimar – leisure sea cooperative society amateur sports, Ulysses travel and tourism srl, Ilenia glass, Visiva marketing tools srl.

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