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the Renault disappears into thin air

After parking, he puts the car keys in his bag. However, he does not realize that those keys may have ended up on the ground. An easy life, therefore, for those who, probably finding the keys to the Renault Modus, managed without any sacrifice to open it, start it up and make it disappear from Largo Aosta in Canicattì. To report the theft was the owner of the small car: a seventy year old. The policemen of the city police station immediately started investigations and searches for the car that has just evaporated into thin air.

The Canicattinese had parked in Largo Aosta, near her home. Until about noon on Saturday, the woman, passing through the area, had regularly seen her car where she had left it. On Monday morning, when it was time to take it back, there was no trace of the Renault Modus, nor of the keys. That is why the idea was immediately advanced that those keys, instead of ending up in the bag, immediately after the parking lot, ended up on the pavement. Inside the cabin was a seat, brown and gray, for a child. The agents of the police station, as well as sifting through the entire area surrounding Largo Aosta, without finding the car, have started investigations to try to identify who has appropriated the car.