The Region presents urban redevelopment projects at MIT: there are the municipalities of Ravanusa, Licata and Palma di Montechiaro

“The Region presents urban redevelopment projects for the municipalities of the Region at MIT: one concerns the municipalities of Ravanusa, Licata and Palma di Montechiaro”. These are the words of the regional deputy, Carmelo Pullara President and organizational political secretary of “ONDA”. “The Regional Government – declares Pullara – after having looked up to now only at some areas of Sicily, finally to follow up the requests for attention and the goad of criticism, has decided to propose to the Ministry of Infrastructures the funding of over 27 million euros for 2 projects within the National Innovative Program for the quality of living. The Municipalities of Ravanusa, Licata and Palma di Montechiaro are interested in the Province of Agrigento. With these resources – Pullara explains – It will be possible to regenerate the socio-economic fabric, increase the accessibility and safety of places and the refurbishment of public spaces and buildings. And also redevelop and increase housing or residential building complexes by improving the quality of life of citizens in the suburbs of the municipalities and at the same time decorating the urban fabric. This is – concludes Pullara – a great result that will give a breath of fresh air to the three municipalities of Agrigento, affecting a geographical area of ​​the province that is more economically and infrastructurally desolate. Credit must be given to the work done by the Municipality of Ravanusa as the leader of the row which demonstrates how rather than certain offices put on the sheriff’s stars in a cross-eyed way, according to the saying the laws for friends are interpreted and for enemies they apply, they prefer to put the their abilities at the service of their community always in compliance with the law. “

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